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Saturday, February 5, 2011

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Solved Vu Assignments of All the courses
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Solved MCQ's Of Final Term Course code MGT402 Cost & Management Accounting

                                           Cost & Management Accounting

1. If computational and record-keeping costs are about the same under both FIFO
and weighted average, which of the following method will generally be
A. Weighted Average
C. They offer the same degree of information
D. Cannot be determined with so little information
2. Which of the following System applies when standardized goods are produced
under a series of inter-connected operations?
A. Job Order Costing
B. Process Costing
C. Standard Costing
D. All of the given options
3. The cost of material that is not completely processed, would be found in which
of the following inventory account on the Balance Sheet?
A. Direct material inventory
B. Work-in-process inventory
C. Finished goods inventory
D. Supplies inventory
4. A complete set of Financial Statements for Nestle Company at December 31,
2008 would include each of the followings, EXCEPT:
A. Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2008
B. Statement of Projected Cash flows for 2009
C. Income Statement for the year ended December 31, 2008
D. Notes containing additional information that is useful in interpreting the Financial
5. Total Fixed cost _______ with the increase in production.
A. Remains constant
B. Decreases
C. Increases
D. There is no relation between fixed cost and activity level
6. The following data is available for the Bricks Company:
Particulars Rs.
Freight in 20,000
Purchases return and allowances 80,000
Marketing expenses 200,000
Finished goods Inventory, ending 90,000
Cost of goods sold 700% of marketing expenses
You are required to calculate the cost of goods available for sales if Gross Profit is
50% of cost of goods sold.
A. Rs. 1,490,000
B. Rs. 1,390,000
C. Rs. 1,500,000
D. Rs. 1,590,000
7. Consider the following:
Beginning work in process inventory Rs. 20,000
Direct material used Rs. 50,000
Direct labor used Rs. 80,000
Manufacturing overhead Rs. 120,000
Ending work in process inventory Rs. 10,000
Cost of finished goods manufactured Rs. 260,000
The total manufacturing costs would be:
A. Rs. 250,000
B. Rs. 260,000
C. Rs. 270,000
D. Rs. 280,000
8. Job 210 was unfinished at the end of the accounting period. The total cost
assigned to the job was Rs. 12,000 of which Rs. 3,000 was direct material cost.
Factory overheads were allocated to goods in process at 150% of direct labor
cost. What was the amount of direct labor cost charged to Job 210?
A. Rs. 3,600
B. Rs. 3,000
C. Rs. 5,400
D. Rs. 9,000
9. Job 210 was unfinished at the end of the accounting period. The total cost
assigned to the job was Rs. 12,000 of which Rs. 3,000 was direct material cost.
Factory overheads were allocated to goods in process at 150% of direct labor
cost. What was the amount of Factory over head cost charged to Job 210?
A. Rs. 3,600
B. Rs. 3,000
C. Rs. 5,400
D. Rs. 9,000
10. The over applied balance of the Factory Overhead ledger account is Rs. 36,000,
a significant amount. The ending balances of Goods in Process Inventory,
Finished Goods Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold accounts are Rs. 12,000, Rs.
8,000, and Rs. 60,000, respectively. On the basis of ending balances, how much
of the over applied balance of overhead should be allocated to each of these
A. Rs.5, 400, Rs.27, 600, Rs.3, 000
B. Rs.27,400, Rs. 3,600, Rs. 5,000
C. Rs. 5,400, Rs. 3,600, Rs. 27,000
D. None of the given options
11. PEL Limited has been using an overhead rate of Rs. 5.60 per machine hour.
During the year, overheads of Rs. 275,000 were incurred and 48,000 machine
hours worked. Therefore, overheads were:
A. Under-applied by Rs.7,600
B. Over-applied by Rs. 6,200
C. Under-applied by Rs. 6,200
D. Over-applied by Rs. 7,600
12. Factory overhead should be allocated on the basis of:
A. Direct labor hours
B. Direct labor costs
C. An activity basis which relates to cost incurrence
D. Machine hours
13. If a company uses a predetermined rate for the application of factory overhead,
the idle capacity variance is the:
A. Over or under applied variable cost element of overheads
B. Difference in budgeted costs and actual costs of fixed overheads items
C. Difference in budgeted cost and actual costs of variable overheads items
D. Over or under applied fixed cost element of overheads
14. Which of the following manufacturing operations, which is best, suited to the
utilization of a job order system?
A. Soft drink bottling operation
B. Crude oil refining
C. Plastic molding operation
D. Helicopter manufacturing
15. Which of the following is a characteristic of process cost accounting system?
A. Material, Labor and Overheads are accumulated by orders
B. Companies use this system if they process custom orders
C. Only Closing stock of work in process is restated in terms of completed units
D. Opening and Closing stock of work in process are related in terms of completed
16. Which cost accumulation procedure is best suited to a continuous mass
production process of similar units?
A. Job order costing
B. Standard costing
C. Actual costing
D. Process costing
17. Which of the following is an objective of cost accounting?
A. Provide information to management for decision making
B. Computation of cost per unit
C. Preparation of Financial Statement
D. Computation of relevant costs
18. Which of the following would be considered an external user of the firm's
accounting information?
A. President
B. Stockholder
C. Sales manager
D. Controller
19. Cost accounting concepts include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Planning
B. Controlling
C. Sharing
D. Costing
20. The chief financial officer is also known as the:
A. Controller
B. Staff accountant
C. Auditor
D. Finance director